sábado, enero 20, 2007

Todo esta en venta?

Obviamente que algo no sea legal, no significa que no se haga.

Tsunami victims' kidney sale to be probed

Chennai, Jan 18 (IANS) The Tamil Nadu government Thursday ordered a probe into the reported sale of kidneys by victims of the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

The local media had last week begun reporting cases of poor women selling their kidneys in the aftermath of the disaster. At least 17 such cases have been reported, involving women from tsunami resettlement colonies in north Chennai.

Taking note of the reports, the government asked Revenue Divisional Officer M.S. Sangeetha of Ponneri subdivision to enquire into the matter.

Chennai Police Commissioner Letika Saran Wednesday said as many as 10 hospitals could be involved in the illegal organ transplant.

The police chief, however, said: 'The tsunami and organ sale are not related,' as some of the people sold their kidneys even before the disaster.

The tsunami tragedy that claimed at least 10,000 lives in Tamil Nadu brought the state international assistance for rehabilitation worth about $4 billion. The state has been commended for its model rehabilitation programme.

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Por mucho que queramos cerrar los ojos a la realidad, esta suele ser muy tozuda y ahí está. Así que no estaría mal dejarnos de hipocresías y afrontar las cosas de cara.